Friday, October 9, 2009

Playlist - 15 January, 2003

- "The Sound of Angels" Element (Goth's Undead comp.)
- "Second Generation" The Merry Thoughts (Millenium Done 1: Empire Songs)
- "Lightning Rails" Stone 588 (Door in the Dragons Throat)
- "Sex Statt Krieg" Umbra et Imago (Sex Statt Krieg CDS)
- "Seance" Twisted Nerve (Seance 12")
- "Mauritia Mayer" Sex Gang Children (Mauritia Mayer 7")*
- "Lips Cant Go" Alien Sex Fiend (The Singles)
- "Eccentricty" Magenta (The Unquiet Grave comp.)
- "I Am God" Fockewolf (Circuit Noir comp.)
- "Tsunami (Mudra Mix)" Rhea's Obsession (Re:Initiation)
- "Soror Sui Excidium" Sopor Aeturnus and the Ensemble of Shadows (Todeswunsch)
- "The Pilgrim Song" Con Sono (Ignoto Deo)

* = artist of the month

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