Friday, October 9, 2009

Playlist - 16 April, 2003

Interviewee and Guest Programmer: DJ Empusa (Necromancy + Goth Ball)
- "Liebe Utopia/On Weaves of Silken Carnage" Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio (Make
Love And War: The Wedlock of Roses)
- "Shine" Play Dead (The First Flower)
- "Martha's Harbour" All About Eve (The Best Of)
- "Last Year's Wife" Zero Le Creche (In Goth Daze comp.)
Guest Programmed Set:
- "Document (Original Mix)" Assemblage 23 (mp3)
- "Simulated" Icon of Coil (mp3)
- "Zen" Resurrection Eve (Rapture)
- "Alles Von Dir" Melotron (Episode 3)
- "Forgotten Tears" Hocico (Signos de Aberracion)
- "Running Up That Hill" Faith and the Muse (Vera Causa)
- "Lust" Barcode (Killing the Boy)

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