Friday, October 9, 2009

Playlist - 18 June, 2003

Special: Female Solo Artists
- "Twisted" Lydia Lunch (Transmutation)
- "Evocation" Obscuria (Obscuria)
- "Society" Sara Noxx (Noxxious)
- "Down" Anita Haxsaw (The Unquiet Grave comp.)
- "Swans" Lisa Gerrard (The Mirror Pool)
- "One in a Million" Eva O (Past Time)
- "Shanti Shanti Shanti" Sheila Chandra (Roots and Wings)
- "Alligator Wine" Patti Paladin (Flesh Eaters comp.)
- "Alexandria" Louisa John-Krol (Alexandria)
- "Yummer Yummer Man" Danielle Dax (Inky Bloaters)
- "Reflection" Patricia Morrison (Reflect on This)
- "A Broken Heart for Carolyn" Nadhezda (Hex Files comp.)
- "Solitary War" Gitane Demone (Stars of Trash)**
- "Hex" Diamanda Galas (The Sporting Life)

** Request

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