Friday, October 9, 2009

Playlist - 20 March, 2002

- "Moth and Rust" Cradle/Grave (Saper Vedere)
- "New Millenium" Star Industry (New Millenium CDS)
- "Shining" Breath of Life (Shining CDS)
- "The Hellfire Sermon" Dawn of Oblivion (Mephistos Appealing)
- "Irresistable" Two Witches (Talvenaika)
- "No Disintegrations" Illumina (demo)
- "Pilgrim Walking (Short Run)" Manikin (New Alternatives Vol.5)
- "L'Amantyde" Blooding Mask (mp3)
- "Deathwish" Christian Death (Deathwish EP)
- "Sleep in Safety" 45 Grave (The Debasement Tapes)
- "Penance and Pain" Sopor Aeturnus and the Ensemble of Shadows (Sopor Aeturnus)
- "Berlin" Non Compos Mentis (Profound Protection)

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