Friday, October 9, 2009

Playlist - 26 February, 2003

"Australian Industrial Special" Playlist:

- "Taliban: Made by the USA" Eye (Taliban: Made by the USA)
- "Smackheart" Discordia (Gunwitch)
- "Sterilised" Sobriquet (People Don't Go Out to Clubs to Get Laid)
- "Violent New Breed" Violent New Breed (ASIGNED comp.)
- "Fill My Hole" Snog (Beyond the Valley of the Proles)
- "Cold Comfort Logic" Fate Razor (Circuit Noir V2 comp.)
- "The Outer Edge of the Spiral" Storm and Serenity (The Outer Edge of the Spiral)
- "Negative Form" Compressed Infinity (Random Extraction)
- "Girl in a Coma" Circle Clan (demo)
- "The More Confusion the More Profit" Black Lung (The Depopulation Bomb)

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