Friday, October 9, 2009

Playlist - 26 June, 2002

- "Lightning Fields" by Slow Pulse Orchestra (Dark Eyed & Starry They Were)
- "This Is The Law Of The Plague" by Diamanda Galas (Plague Mass)*
- "Afterlife" by Ikon (Afterlife)
- "Every Angel" by All About Eve (Best Of...)
- "Toturous" by Nosferatu (Lord Of The Flies)
- "Humint" by Black Lung (Rhic-Edom)
- "Run (Wayne Hussey Mix)" by Gossamer (The Unquiet Grave)
- "Lorelei" by Fading Colours (I'm Scared Of...)
- "Arise With Me In The Morning" by Life Toward Twilight (Catayo)

* = Artist of the month

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