Friday, October 9, 2009

Playlist - 27 November, 2002

- "Blue Skies and Clear" Slowdive (Doom Generation Soundtrack)
- "Return (Coming Home)" The Cruxshadows (Wishfire)
- "Get Away" The Dreamside (Faery Child)
- "Self Control" Paralysed Age (Into the Ice)
- "Lay Lady Lay" Ministry (Filth Pig)
- "Beautiful" Tapping the Vein (Undone)
- "Cold" Sterile (Set)
- "Prostitute (No Pop Mix)" Neuroticfish (Prostitute)
- "First Light" VNV Nation (Empires)
- "Resist/r" The Cruxshadows (Wishfire)
- "Sanvean (I Am Your Shadow)" Dead Can Dance (Paul Oakenfield - Another World)

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