Friday, October 9, 2009

Playlist - 4 June, 2003

- "Entre Moi" Qntal (Entre Moi)
- "Northern Skies" Garden of Delight (Apocryphal 1: The Fallen)
- "We Are Everywhere (East)" Yendri (Fluch Und Segen)
- "Drop Dead" Fear Cult (Visionary Complex)**
- "Netherworld" Dead Souls Rising (Ars Magica)*
- "Frozen" Girls Under Glass (Mind Diver)
- "Cold From Fever" Sunshine Blind (Music from the Succubus Club comp.)
- "Mescal" Arts and Decay (German Mystic Sound Sampler Vol. II)
- "Spin the Wheel" Asmodi Bizarr (Sun Sierra)
- "Dark Spirits" Red Temple Spirits (Dancing to Restore an Eclipsed Moon)
- "There's No Tomorrow" Clan of Xymox (There's No Tomorrow)
- "Drifting (Candlelit Version)" Per Somnia (Suicide Skies)

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** Request

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