Friday, October 9, 2009

Playlist - 5 June, 2002

- "Sono L'Antichristo" by Diamanda Galas (Plague Mass)*
- "Ancient Curse" by Resurrection Eve (Resurrection Eve)
- "Worries" by Breath Of Life (Sweet Party)
- "Drowning In The Dark" by Libitina (A Closer Communion)
- "These Boots Are Made For Walking" by Boys Next Door (Lethal Weapons Comp.)
- "She Cries Alone" by Skeletal Family (In Goth Daze Comp.)
- "Drug Dance" by Die Dancing Bears (Drug Dance 7")
- "Exterminating Angel" by The Creatures (Anima Animus)
- "Hiding In Waiting" by Rosetta Stone (Hex Files Vol.1 Comp.)
- "Tormentum (Darke Dance Mix)" by Zeitgeist (Neurotic & Latonic)
- "Do You Know My Name?" by Sopor Aeturnus (Sopor Aeturnus)
- "Faces" by Blooding Mask (What That Hollow Shows Through)
- "Menticide" by Black Lung (Disinformation Plague)

* = Artist of the month

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