Friday, October 9, 2009

Playlist - 6 March, 2002

- "Noxious (The Demons Game)" Corpus Delicti (Sarabands)
- "Injury" Scissor Pretty (Cheese Dreams)
- "Dirge" Brillig (Untangled)
- "Waking Hour" Jerusalem Syndrome (Goths Paradise comp.)
- "Scream, She Devil, Scream" The Cryptkeeper Five (Gothabilly: Rockin Necropolis)
- "Car Crash (On The Highway of Love)" The Bomb Party (Fish)
- "Antiworld" Nina Hagen (Nunsexmonkrock)
- "Sleepwalk" Christian Death (Catastrophe Ballet)
- "Pixyled" The Shroud (A Dark Moon Night)
- "Leaving" Passion Play (Dreaming Spikes)
- "Sin" Dead Souls Rising (Scented Garden)
- "Nothing" Rosetta Stone (Tyranny of Inaction)
- "Butterfly" Tapping the Vein (The Unquiet Grave)
- "Hymn to Pan" Psychonaut (The Witches Sabbath)

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