Friday, October 9, 2009

Playlist - 9 July, 2003

Guest DJ Empusa of Necromancy.

- "Ancient Curse" Resurrection Eve (Ancient Curse)*
- "Equinoxe" House of Usher (Cosmogenesis)
- "Sideways Forest" Love Spirals Downwards (Sideways Forest)
- "Night Feast" Written in Ashes (Eternal)
Start guest dj set:
- "And Tomorrow Atlantis" Fortification 55 (Atlantis)
- "Skin" Neuroticfish (No Instruments)
- "Christfuck" Wumpscut (Wreath of Barbs)
- "Discotechque" Intra Venus (We Will Follow - A Tribute to U2)
- "Beautiful" XPQ-21 (Chi)
- "War of Emotions" Accessory (War of Emotions)
End guest dj set
- "Creeping Death" Calling Dead Red Roses (1985)
- "Isabella" Medieval Baebes (Undrentide)

* Artist of the Month

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