Friday, October 9, 2009

Playlist - 1 August, 2001

- "The Killing Moon" by Eva O
- "Repulsion" by Dawn of Oblivion (Mephistos Appealing)
- "Even Now" by Autumn (The Nature of Gothic Comp.)
- "New Dawn Fades" by The Ancient Gallery (DeInstallation)
- "On the Wires" by The Dark
- "Vegas (live)" by Nico
- "Hexen Sind Schone" by Der Fluch
- "Loving the Velvet Fist" by Schone Maschine (Beta Maschine V1)
- "Les Sens" by Opera Multi Steel (A Contresens)
- "Machine" by The Beautiful Disease (It's Weeping Time in Ghostly Gardens)
- "Dreams" by Dawn Desiree (Dawn Desiree)
- "Never Weep" by Ostara (Overworld/Never Weep 7")
- "Dying" by Klang Abstrakt (Midnite Dawn)
- "Persian Love Song" by Dead Can Dance (Toward the Within)

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