Friday, October 9, 2009

Playlist - 10 October, 2001

- "Angelorum" by In the Nursery (Engel)
- "Shattered and Gone" by Written in Ashes (Epiphany)
- "A Fever Dream" by Mors Syphilitica (Feather and Fate)
- "Crying" by Ghosting (Romantic Death)
- "Black Lace" by Unknowne (mp3)
- "Under the Cover of Darkness" by Brother Orchid (The Babysitter Murders)
- "Song for Shadow" by Gossamer (mp3)
- "Conquistador" by Theatre of Hate (Westworld LP)
- "Do the Icepick" by Primitive Calculators (Pumping Ugly Muscle 7")
- "Twist in the Tale" by UK Decay (Sexual/Twist in the Tale 7")
- "Rose aus Stein" by The Beautiful Disease (It's Weeping Time in GhostlyGardens)
- "Las" by Opera Multi Steel (A Contresens)
- "Der Schwarze Schlag" by The Beat of Black Wings (Black Love)
- "Invocation" by SPK (mp3)

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