Friday, October 9, 2009

Playlist - 11 July, 2001

Guests: DJ Bio-Def and Anita Nervosa

- "Armide (Winter Mix)" by Opera Multi Steel (Stella Obscura)
- "Isabella" by Medieval Babes (Undrentide)
- "Gloria Patri" by O Quam Tristis (Funerailles des Petits Enfants)
- "In Hollywood Tonight" by Audra (Projekt - Spring Sampler)
- "Thoughts of Yesterday" by TSOL (TSOL)
- "Apathy" by The Super Heroines (Love and Pain)
- "Fuck the Kommunity" by Kommunity FK (The Vision and the Voice)
- "Go Film" by Covenant (Synergy: Live in Europe)
- "Ich Will Dich" by Eco (Entfesselt)
- "Sleepwalking" by Lights of Euphoria (Beyond Subconciousness)
- "track six" by Asche (Distorted Disco)
- "MFAPL" by Neuroticfish (No Instruments)
- "One Second (Pts. 1 & 2)" by Morthem Vlade Art (Instants Inquiets 2)

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