Friday, October 9, 2009

Playlist - 11 October, 2000

- "Death" by Autumn Tears (Power of a New Aeon Comp.)
- "Drowning" by Eternal Joy (Arrogance and Charm)
- "Angel Light" by This Ascension (Walk Softly, A Dream Lies Here)
- "Silhoutte" by Judith (La Reveuse)
- "One Hundred Years" by The Cure (Pornography)
- "The Holy Hour" by The Cure (Faith)
- "Just One Kiss" by The Cure (Japanese Whispers)
- "Dream's Called" by Vivid Atmosphere (Hagridden)
- "I Saw You Playing" by Nevermind (Angel Child Vol.5 Comp.)
- "The Climbing" by Candles End (Tri Angle)
- "Morbid Silence" by Sunglasses After Dark (Morbid Silence 7")
- "Lies" by Skeletal Family (The Singles)
- "Slavedrive" by UK Decay (The Whip Comp.)
- "Sun" by Arcanta (Power of a New Aeon Comp.)

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