Friday, October 9, 2009

Playlist - 12 July, 2000

- "The Witch" by Flesh for Eve (Unquiet Grave 2000 Comp.)
- "The Hellfire Sermon" by Dawn of Oblivion (Angel Child 4 Comp.)
- "Silent Siren" by The Wake (Masked)
- "Angel Station" by This Vale of Tears (Adam Nude)
- "Veil of Sadness" by Life Eternal (The Attrition Directive Comp.)
- "Capsize (Vechiotongue Mix)" by Tripwired (Slow Burner)
- "Cold Winter" by Immaculata (Dis Sanctus Basillicus)
- "Enslaved" by Diva Destruction (Passion's Price)
- "Marilyn, My Bitterness" by Cruxshadows (Unquiet Grave 2000 Comp.)
- "Famine Harvest" by Fockewolf (Die Toten Weg)
- "The Faculties of a Broken Heart" by Virgin Prunes (12")
- "The Tear" by Vivid Liquid (Distention Comp.)

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