Friday, October 9, 2009

Playlist - 13 June, 2001

Guest: DJ Anita Nervosa

- "Procession" by Paradoxx (New Devotion)
- "Forestown" by Diary of Dreams (Accession Records Vol.1)
- "Kiss the Whip (Analogue Mix)" by Athamay (The Pleasure of Sin)
- "hidden track" by Intra Venus (Irreverence)
- "Amelia" by The Mission (Sum and Substance)
- "This is Not Blasphemy" by Gitane Demone (Life in Death '85-'89)
- "Emma" by The Sisters of Mercy (The Darks Were In Milan)
- "Teenage Vampire" by Killing Miranda (Transgression by Numbers)
- "Good Ship Lollipop" by Spanking Machine (The Homemakers Guide to ElectricSex)
- "Superstition" by The Deep Eynde (Suicide Drive EP)
- "Decadence" by Faraway (Far From the Madding Crowd)
- "Finding the Sun in The Forest" by Nicholas Ogburn (Candles and IntrigueVol.2)
- "Lips of the Guilty" by Shinjuku Thief (The Year of Silence Comp.)
- "Trail that Circles" by J. Mundok (Related Textures Comp.)

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