Saturday, October 10, 2009

Playlist - 14 August, 2007

- "how to hang yourself" by soul whirling somewhere (hope was)
- "there's no time to recall" by the frozen autumn (fragments of memories)
- "gods and monsters" by psyche (club salvation)
- "goodbye horses" by psyche (club salvation) **
- "6 feet under" by de/vision (6 feet under)
- "another world" by beborn beton (truth)
- "last breath of you" by mesh (in this place forever)
- "blessed evening" by foetus (love)
- "retard" by spk (information overload unit)
- "voices of the ancient ones 1st gate" by graufx kranz (the darkside of electronica)
- "brain collapse" by psyche (club salvation)

** dedicated to james.

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