Friday, October 9, 2009

Playlist - 19 April, 2000

- "The Song of Mourning" by Arcana (And Even Wolves Hid Their Teeth)
- "Life" by Recur (Candles and Intrigue Volume Two)
- "Belladonna" by Tripwired (Slow Burner)
- "Rely on Truth" by Jerusalem Syndrome (Book of Days)
- "Angel of Death" by The Eva O Halo Experience (Demons Fall For anAngels Kiss)
- "Hebenon Vial" by Cinema Strange (Hebenon Vial 7")
- "The Scream" by Murder of Crows (Toys of Desperation)
- "Nightmare Zone" by Alien Sex Fiend (Drive My Rocket)
- "The 9 is a 6" by Christian Death (Pornographic Messiah)
- "Azreal" by Ex-Voto (Witchcraft Compilation)
- "Boulevard" by Babylonian Tiles (New Alternatives 4)
- "Vampira " by The Astro Vamps (Best of What Sweet Music...)
- "INRI - Raped by the Cross" by In Slaughter Natives (The AbsoluteSupper)

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