Friday, October 9, 2009

Playlist - 22 December, 1999

- "The Christmas Song" by London After Midnight (Oddities LP)
- "Welcome Christmas" by Love Spirals Downwards (Excelsis Compilation)
- "Hey Christian God" by Snog (Hey Christian God CDS)
- "Silent Night" by Attrition (Excelsis Compilation)
- "The First Noel" by Thanatos (Excelsis Compilation)
- "Nineties" by Star Industry (Iron Dust Crush)
- "O Holy Night" by Eva O (Excelsis Compilation)
- "Paranoia" by Apoptygma Berzerk (APBL98)
- "Anita" by The Nuns (Die Form Split 7")
- "Body Burn" by Cubanate (Anit Matter)
- "The Human Game" by Lisa Gerard & Peter Bourke (The Human Game CDS)
- "First Experience" by Crimes of Passion (Rites of Burial)
- "Jerusalem the Black" by Death in June (Rose Clouds of Holocaust)
- "Epilogue" by Skinny Puppy (Cleanse, Fold, and Manipulate)

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