Friday, October 9, 2009

Playlist - 24 October, 2001

Guests: jarod (Tankt) & DJ Bio-Def (Blasphemy)

- "Fragments" by Morthem Vlade Art (Antechamber)
- "My Socrates" by Tri-State Killing Spree (The Nature of Gothic Comp.)
- "Drown" by Eternia (From Dungeon's Luxury of Doubt)
- "Bookmark on the Shelf" by The Strand (The Nature of Gothic Comp.)
- "Serpent Age" by Isomer (demo)
- "Insane Thoughts" by Defused Fusion (Taste My Mind)
- "Spiders" by Tankt (Despair Ltd.)
- "Elite" by Tankt (Despair Ltd.)
- "Quiet In the Room" by Klinik (End of the Line)

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