Friday, October 9, 2009

Playlist - 25 August, 1999

Guests: Paul & Karina from Beltane / Ian & Clare from Virus X

- "In This Garden of Mine" by Fading Colours, from The Black Bible
- "Mandate" by Eye, from Politics Can Be Fun Volume One
- "System Failed" by Diverge, from Existence
- "Bye Bye Beacon" by Scissor Pretty, from Are You Home?
- "A Strange Kind of Love" by Peter Murphy, from Cuts You Up 7"
- "In the Shadow of Night" by Beltane, from a demo
- "Angel of May" by Beltane, from Schones An Sich
- "My Bleeding Hands" by Nekromantik, from Goths Paradise 2
- "Funeral Night" by Bella Morte, from The Unquiet Grave Compilation
- "Blur Red" by Stone 588, from Door in the Dragon's Throat
- "Zoo Music Girl" by The Birthday Party, from Live 81-82
- "Push" by Red Lorry Yellow Lorry, from Monkeys on Juice 7"

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