Friday, October 9, 2009

Playlist - 26 July, 2000

Guest DJs: Bio-Def and Aneurism (Blasphemy)

- "Waltz of Malador" by Uva Ursi (Unquiet Grave 2000 Comp.)
- "The Sun" by Still Patient? (New Alternatives 3 Comp.)
- "Witchblade" by Tenderness of Wolves (From 11pm to 8am)
- "Taking Over" by Killing Miranda (Angel Child 4 Comp.)
- "Honour" by VNV Nation (Praise the Fallen)
- "Interzone" by Templebeat (New Industries Comp.)
- "Panic Squad Interruption" by Black Lung (The Great Architect)
- "Dead Stars (club mix)" by Covenant (Dead Stars CDS)
- "Tension (club mix)" by Covenant (Euro EP)
- "Trapped" by Collapsed System (Berlin 2007)
- "Invocation (Mystic Dream Mix)" by Immortalis Amor (Unquiet Grave 2000Comp.)
- "Wheel of Fortune" by Pilori (Power of a New Aeon Comp.)

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