Saturday, October 10, 2009

Playlist - 26 June, 2007

Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio - Never Before at the Beauty of Spring - (Make Love and War [The Wedlock of Roses])
The Cure - In Your House (Seventeen Seconds)
G.G. Alan Bindig - I Shot My Baby (Twice) (Midwinter Moonlight)
Cabaret Voltaire - Don't Argue (The Original Sound of Sheffield 83/87)
Kabuki - My Hair (Last Exit)
Vehemence Realized - Prayer (Severe)
Altered States - Cathy (New Alternatives II) *dedication
Screams For Tina - Graveyard Mary (Kaliffornian Deathrock comp)
The Cramps - Green Door (Psychedelic Jungle/Gravest Hits)
The Dark Violence of Beauty - Ghostriders (At the Sign of the Pink Flamingo)
Cult of the Psychic Foetus - In the Shadows (Funeral Home Songs)
Tiger Army - Ghostfire (Punkorama 10)
The Sharks - Morphine Daze (Kicked Outta Purgatory - Psychobilly for Sinners)
Nekromantix - Struck By a Wrecking Ball (Dead Girls Don't Cry)

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