Saturday, October 10, 2009

Playlist - 29 August, 2007

- "lover" by gitane demone (facets of blue)
- "pirate hunters" by g.g. alan bindig (death trip)
- "truth or dare" by brillig (mirror on the wall)
- "isabella" by this ascension (tears in rain)
- "crimson (is the colour of the vampire circus)" by the dark theatre (what sweet music they make vol.3)
- "hollow eyes" by dronning maudland (twilight)
- "vampira" by astro vamps (what sweet music they make vol.2)
- "johnny voodoo" by empress of fur (gothabilly wakin' the dead)
- "buried next to the king" by zombie ghost train (glad rags & body bags)
- "painted whiter than white" by libitina (a closer communion)
- "trick or treat" by sneaky bat machine (disco 4 the dead)
- "romeo's distress (live)" by faith and the muse (vera causa)
- "wasted" by and one (wasted)

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