Friday, October 9, 2009

Playlist - 3 May, 2000

- "Mala At Ease" by Trance to the Sun (Witchcraft Compilation)
- "Within the Realm of the Dying Sun" by Love Like Blood (Swordlilies)
- "In the Flat Field" by This Ascension (Passion of Covers Compilation)
- "Permanent Red" by Usherhouse (The Whip Compilation)
- "Tragedy for You" by Front 242 (Tyranny for You)
- "Facer" by X-Marks the Pedwalk (Moonraker Compilation Vol.3)
- "Du Reischt So Gut - 98" by Rammstein (Sehnsucht)
- "Evil" by The Baroness and Love Lies Bleeding (Dark Eyed and Starry TheyWere Vol. 2)
- "On the Other Side" by Silke Bischoff (Moonraker Compilation Vol.1)
- "Submission" by Paradox (Dark Eyed and Starry They Were Vol.2)
- "Neuro" by EXP (Gothik Compilation)

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