Friday, October 9, 2009

Playlist - 30 May, 2001

- "Hylas" by Diana Obscura (Diana Obscura)
- "Light" by Diorama (Her Liquid Arms)
- "Blinking Tears" by Claire Voyant (Accession Records Vol.1)
- "Fallen Angel" by Earthshock (Unquiet Grave 2000 comp.)
- "God Dies" by Sex Gang Children (Shout and Scream)
- "When I Was Young" by Danielle Dax (Dark Adapted Eye)
- "Six Six Sixth Communion" by Christian Death (Invocations)
- "Discotechque Necronomicon" by Killing Miranda (Transgression by Numbers)
- "Black Horse (demo)" by Fading Colours (Lie)
- "Rainbow Head" by Blood Simple (Dreams in the Witch House)
- "Injury" by Scissor Pretty (Cheese Dreams)
- "My Intimate Madness" by Life Eternal (A Bouquet of Barbed Wire)
- "Sea Silk" by Ostia (From the Aether)
- "The March" by J Mundok (Related Textures)

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