Saturday, October 10, 2009

Playlist - 4 August, 2004

- "Hylas" Diana Obscura (Diana Obscura)
- "Fascination and Fear" Human Drama (Fascination and Fear)
- "Under Glass" Legendary Pink Dots (Under Glass)
- "Life of Sin" Screams for Tina (Life of Sin)
- "Pleasure and Pain" Avaritia (Wide Awake)
- "Irresistable" Two Witches (Talvenaika)
- "Do You Believe in Angels?" The Last Dance (Staring at the Sky)
- "Her Liquid Arms" Diorama (Her Liquid Arms)
- "Below Zero" A Spell Inside (Visions from the Inside)
- "Human Racing" Cenobita (Metamorfosis)
- "Perfect Sunrise (IOC Mix)" Stromkern (Armageddon)
- "The Breath of deSade" Cruciform (The Renaissance Within)

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