Friday, October 9, 2009

Playlist - 13 August, 2003

Guest DJ Empusa of Necromancy

- "Soror Sui Excidium" Sopor Aeturnus and the Ensemble of Shadows (Todeswunsch)*
- "Never Go" Whispers in the Shadow (Everything You Knew Was Wrong)
- "The Hues of Longing" Mors Syphilitica (Feather and Fate)
- "Scratch" Violet Run (East of the Sun, West of the Moon)
Start Guest Set:
- "Poison" Beborn Beton (Phoenix)
- "Terror (Trilogy Edit)" My Ruin (Orgazmatracks Vol.3)
- "Bela Lugosi's Dead" XPQ-21 (Belle Epoque)
- "Unicorn" Apoptygma Berzerk (Critical Mass Vol.3)
- "Today" Ivory Frequency (Today)
- "Disolucion" Dulce Liquido (Disolucion)
End Guest Set.
- "The Blessings of Morpheus" Sumerland (Sivo)

* Artist of the Month
** Request

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