Friday, October 9, 2009

Playlist - 14 August, 2002

- "Upon A Saint" by The Night Eternal (Textures Of Twilight)
- "Celebration" by Children On Stun (Celebration single)*
- "Mephisto Walz" by Mephisto Walz (Gothik comp.)
- "Stranger I've Become" by Ikon (Flowers For The Gathering)
- "Domination" by Athamay (The Pleasure Of Sin)
- "Fallen Angel" by Flesh Field (mp3)
- "The Storm (Fairytale) Remix" by The Last Dance (Now & Forever)
- "Flowers & Fire" by Blitz (Second Empire Justice)
- "Snake Dance" by March Violets (Snake Dance 12")
- "Paper Tiger (live)" by Chameleons UK (Goth's Undead comp.)
- "One In A Million" by Eva O (Past Time)
- "Hellbound Overture" by Love Lies Bleeding (The Way Of All Flesh)
- "Down My Throat" by Halo Maker (Suffer This Wish)

* = artist of the month

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