Friday, October 9, 2009

Playlist - 21 August, 2002

- "Crusaders" by Aurora (Land Of Harm & Apple Trees)
- "By The Wayside" by Children On Stun (Tourniquets Of Loves Desire)*
- "Pale Sky" by Love Like Blood (Swordlilies)
- "One Of A Million" by House Of Usher (Inferno)
- "In The Nitetime" by Element (Blackout AD comp.)
- "Sinister Sinister" by Midnight Configuration (Gothic Sounds Of Nightbreed comp.)
- "Under Cover Of Darkness" by Brother Orchid (Babysitter Murders)
- "Mondlicht" by X-Mal Deutschland (Toscin)
- "This Side Of Heaven" by Play Dead (This Side Of Heaven 7")
- "Promised Land" by Skeletal Family (Promised Land 12")
- "Kadoish Adonais Tseybeyoth" by EYE & Lady Cadaver (A.S.I.N.G.E.D. comp.)
- "Fault Lines Form" by Crimes Of The Primary (Alpha)
- "Prosatanus" by Klang Abstrakt (Midnite Dawn)

* = artist of the month

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