Friday, October 9, 2009

Playlist - 14 May, 2003

- "Tempted" Collide (Some Kind of Strange)
- "Locomotive Age" The Wake (Masked)*
- "Haunted" Dawn of Oblivion (Mephisto's Appealing)
- "The Fall of the Evergreen" Belisha (People of the Dark)
Guest Programmed Set:
- "Sacrifice" Aesthetic Perfection (Septic III comp.)
- "Skin" Neuroticfish (No Instruments)
- "Wake Up" Pzycho Bitch (Septic III comp.)
- "Severed" Imperative Reaction (Ruined)
- "A Cell" Project Pitchfork (Inferno)
- "Drive" Assemblage 23 (Defiance)
- "Dysfunction" Violent New Breed (The Future is Now)

* Artist of the Month

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