Friday, October 9, 2009

Playlist - 7 May, 2003

- "The Look of Blasphemie (Batcave Mix)" Untoten (Dress Code Black)
- "Christine" The Wake (Nine Ways)*
- "Pleasure and Pain" Avaritia (Wide Awake)
- "Indomita" Artica (Ombra e Luce)**
- "Velvet Fuck" Trance to the Sun (Azalean Sea)
- "Absentee" Kirlian Camera (Still Air)
- "Drool (Mother)" Switchblade Symphony (Drool)
- "Good Things" Gotterdamerung (Morphia)
- "The Stolen Photograph" Murder at the Registry (Filed: 93-03)
- "En Hiver" Cinema Strange (Cinema Strange)
- "Warpaint" Libitina (Weltanschauung)
- "Love Like Broken Glass" Cauda Pavonis (Controversial Alchemy)
- "Trust All-Stars" Rasputina (Thanks for the Ether)

* Artist of the Month
** Request

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