Friday, October 9, 2009

Playlist - 15 October, 2003

- "Eternal Undone" Butterfly Messiah (Priestess)*
- "Torturous" Nosferatu (Lord of the Flies)** *
- "Collapse" Lady Besery's Garden (Experiment. Experience. Explosion.)*
- "Northern Skies" Garden of Delight (Apocryphal 1: The Fallen)
- "Zen" Resurrection Eve (Rapture)
- "Society" Sara Noxx (Society)
- "Someone Could" Common Dream (Someone Could)
- "Drop Dead" Fear Cult (Visionary Complex)*
- "Cold From Fever" Sunshine Blind (Music From the Succubus Club)*
- "Life As Art" Gotterdammerung (Morphia)
- "There Are No Snakes in Heaven" Audra (Going to the Theatre)
- "Fire" The Soil Bleeds Black (Quintessence)

* Request
** Artist of the Month

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