Friday, October 9, 2009

Playlist - 8 October, 2003

- "Frozen Forests" Devour Ensemble (The Moon's Bright 3rd EP)
- "Inside the Devil" Nosferatu (Inside the Devil)*
- "Delilah" Dance on Glass (Day Dreaming)
- "The Ritual" Ancient Tales (The Ritual)
Guest DJ Set:
- "Drive" Assemblage 23 (Defiance)
- "Regret" Icon of Coil (Serenity is the Devil)
- "Honour 2003" VNV Nation (Honour 2003)
- "Angel" Gothminister (Gothic Electronic Anthems)
- "The Same Dream (Rmx)" Clan of Xymox (Remixes From the Underground)
- "Clone Your Lover" Zeromancer (Clone Your Lover)
End Guest Set.
- "Euphoric" Delerium (Euphoric)

* Artist of the Month

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