Friday, October 9, 2009

Playlist - 17 July, 2002

- "Bless This Broken Body" Fear of Dolls (Bless This Broken Body CDS)
- "Left Overs" Patchworks (The Sanitarium)
- "House of Pain" The Baroness and Lovie Lies Bleeding (Dark Beauty)
- "Drop Dead" Fear Cult (Drop Dead EP)
- "Peter Cook" The Real Story (The Attrition Directive comp.)
- "Annwyn, Beneath the Waves" Faith and the Muse (Annwyn, Beneath the Waves)*
- "Wait for the Ghost" Malaise (52 Ways)
- "Jolene" Strawberry Switchblade (Jolene 7")
- "Mr X" Pauline Murray and the Invisible Girls (Pauline Murray and the Invisible Girls)
- "Spooky" Lydia Lunch (Queen of Siam)
- "Vampyre Kiss" Stun Gun (Dracula King of Vampires Tribute comp.)
- "Certain Angst" Dark Muse (Sounds From Beyond the Silver Wheel)

* = artist of the month

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