Friday, October 9, 2009

Playlist - 24 July, 2002

This weeks guest: Jarrod (Empusa)

- "Goth" by Baterz (Goth single)
- "Scars Flown Proud" by Faith And The Muse (Evidence Of Heaven)*
- "Voices" by Funhouse (Voices single)
- "Seconds (Version II)" by Autumn (Aria compilation)
- "Transparent Frequencies" by Evil's Toy (mp3)#
- "Floorkiller" by Icon Of Coil (mp3)#
- "Human" by Behind The Scenes (mp3)#
- "Sleep" by Advent Sleep (mp3)#
- "Run" by Gossamer (mp3)#
- "Religion" by Ravenous (mp3)#
- "Dringo Bell" by Medieval Babes (The Rose)

# = guest's programmed tracks
* = artist of the month

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