Friday, October 9, 2009

Playlist - 17 September, 2003

- "Die Zeit" Relatives Menschsein (Thanatos)
- "This Empty Ocean" Love Like Blood (Snake Killer)
- "When I Saw You Dancing" Moonchild (Shed No Tear)**
- "Copycat" Lacrimosa (Inferno)
- "Amour Noir" Opera de Nuit (mp3)
- "Heavy Heart" The Veil (Heavy Heart)
- "Zerstorung" Fliehende Sturme (Zerstorung)
- "Walking Through the Wonderland" Malaise (52 Ways)
- "Dark Angel" Lamia (Dark Angel)
- "Down and Out" Love Is Colder Than Death (Mental Traveller)
- "Teenage Vampire" Killing Miranda (Transgression By Numbers)* **
- "Parasite Bible" Empire Hideous (Trinity Comp. Vol.1)
- "Porgi Amor/I Dreamed" Diamanda Galas (Vena Cava)

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