Friday, October 9, 2009

Playlist - 10 September, 2003

Guest: DJ Empusa (Necromancy)

- "Touched by Jesus (rmx)" Killing Miranda (Blessed Deviant)*
- "Go Slow" Scissor Pretty (Slow Down)
- "New Dress" Cat Fud (The Hex Files Vol.2)
- "Secrets" Cadra Ash (Secrets)**
Guest Set:
- "Forever (Original Club Mix)" Bruderschaft (Forever)**
- "Call The Ships to Port (Club Version)" Covenant (Call The Ships to Port)
- "True Life" Lights of Euphoria (True Life)
- "Next World" Pro-Jekt (Gothic Fucking Sounds of Nightbreed)
- "Come Back" Pzycho Bitch (Master of My Self)
- "Severed (System Syn Mix)" Imperative Reaction (Ruined)**
End Guest Set.
- "Tiger Lily" Beat Mistress (Goth Box Comp.)

* Artist of the Month
** Request

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