Friday, October 9, 2009

Playlist - 23 July, 2003

- "There, Where Begins The Night" Lahka Muza (Cesty Svetla Plnyu Temnotou)
- "Staccato" Mephisto Walz (Mephisto Walz Sampler)
- "Life of Sin" Screams for Tina (Life of Sin)
- "Red" Autumn (Return to the Breath)
- "Night Chameleon" Illumina (Chameleon)
- "Run" Resurrection Eve (Rapture)*
- "Forgive Me" Obscyre (Heavenly Venture)
- "Hold On" Danse Society (Hold On 7")
- "Sickle Moon" X-Mal Deutschland (Sickle Moon 7")
- "Kings of Confusion" Chatshow (Kings of Confusion 7")
- "Glass Made Saviour" New Days Delay (Plastic Faces)
- "Leaving" Passion Play (Dreaming Spikes)
- "Pleasure and Pain" Avaritia (Wide Awake)
- "Under the Ice" Negru Voda (From Liquid Steel to Frozen Metal)

* Artist Of The Month

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