Friday, October 9, 2009

Playlist - 30 July, 2003

80s Goth Rarities Special:

- "Mannequin" Ipso Facto (Mannequin 7")
- "Santa Maria" Clair Obscur (Santa Maria 7")
- "Spin the Wheel" Asmodi Bizarr (Sun Sierra LP)
- "Malya Neva" Panic Button (Demonstration)
- "Glasshouse" Party Day (Glasshouse 7")
- "Cold Sweat" Danielle Dax (Cold Sweat 12")
- "Say Remain" Leitmotiv (Say Remain EP)
- "Hexen Sind Schone" Der Fluch (Der Fluch EP)
- "Masks" Under Two Flags (Masks 12")
- "Lesbische Voodoo Teenagers" Norma Loy (Psychic Altercation EP)
- "Grosstadtindianer" X-Mal Deutschland (Grosstadtindianer 7")
- "Nowa Aleksandria" Siekiera (Nowa Aleksandria LP)
- "Arctic Flowers" Rubella Ballet (Arctic Flowers 12")
- "In the Flesh" Shadow of Fear (In the Flesh 7")
- "Badger Boys" The Dancing Did (And Did Those Feet)
- "Le Mepris" Camp Sophisto (Ghost Riders of German Gothic Vol.2)

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