Friday, October 9, 2009

Playlist - 25 September, 2003

- "All My Lovers" Black Tape For A Blue Girl (The Scavenger Bride)
- "Burning the Shrouds" Dreadful Shadows (Burning the Shrouds CDS)
- "Glass Made Saviour" New Days Delay (mp3)
- "Atlantis Babylon" Sanguis et Cinis (mp3)
- "Prostitute" Neuroticfish (Les Chansons Neurotiques)
- "Somnabule" Fiction 8 (Chaotica)**
- "Persecution" Intra Venus (Irreverence)**
- "Wasteland" The Mission (Sum and Subtance)*
- "White Knuckle Ride" Danielle Dax (Dark Adapted Eye)
- "Goddess" The Rose of Avalanche (Goddess 7")
- "Red" Autumn (Return to the Breath)
- "I Was Me" The Creatures (Anima Animus)

* = artist of the month
** = request

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