Friday, October 9, 2009

Playlist - 2 October, 2002

- "The Sabbat Comes Softly" Hexentanz (The Sabbat Comes Softly 7")
- "Absent Friend" Corpus Delicti (Sarabands)*
- "Solitary War" Gitane Demone (Stars of Trash)
- "Dark Spirits" Red Temple Spirits (Dreaming to Restore an Eclipsed Moon)
- "O Brother Sleep" Diary of Dreams (Freak Perfume)
- "The Storm/Fairytale (Rmx)" The Last Dance (Now and Forever)
- "Smell the Witch" Mortiis (The Smell of Rain)
- "Veil of Sadness" Life Eternal (The Attrition Directive comp.)
- "Vampyre Erotica" Inkubus Sukkubus (Vampyre Erotica)
- "Voices" Funhouse (Girls)
- "Nierika" Dead Can Dance (Spiritchaser)

* Artist Of The Month

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