Friday, October 9, 2009

Playlist - 3 September, 2003

- "Unavoidable" Klang Abstrakt (Unavoidable)
- "Burn Sinister" Killing Miranda (Blessed Deviant)*
- "Sand" Spider Lillies (mp3)**
- "Under Cover of Darkness" Brother Orchid (The Babysitter Murders)
- "Bound" Neuropa (Bound)
- "Absentee" Kirlian Camera (Still Air)
- "Kiss Your Shadow" In Strict Confidence (Kiss Your Shadow)
- "Water King" Tors of Dartmoor (Water King)**
- "Vampire Moon" Mothburner (Embrocations for Losses Past)
- "My God" Capital Hell (Stories of Passion)
- "Kick in The Eye" Bauhaus (Searching for Satori)
- "The Rip" The Creatures (The Rip)**
- "Baby Turns Blue" Virgin Prunes (Baby Turns Blue 12")
- "Only Europa Knows" Death in June (Kapo!)**

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** Request

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