Friday, October 9, 2009

Playlist - 30 April, 2003


- "Kein Zuruck" Wolfsheim (Casting Shadows)
- "Visualize" Neuroactive (Visualize)
- "Forgive Me" Obscyre (Heavenly Venture)
- "Grim" You Shriek (Grim)
- "You Didn't Want Me" Mesh (On This Tour Forever)
- "Sometimes" And One (Sometimes)
- "Another World (Extended)" Beborn Beton (Another World)
- "Process" Elegant Machinery (Decade of Thoughts)
- "Blue Lights" Fictional (Fictious)
- "Beyond Here and Now" Neuropa (Beyond Here and Now)
- "Standing Alone" Echo Image (Compuphonic)
- "Society" Sara Noxx (Noxxious)
- "Shallow Nation" Icon of Coil (Serenity is the Devil)
- "Bullet" Covenant (Northern Lights)

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