Friday, October 9, 2009

Playlist - 9 October, 2002

- "Vampire Moon" Mothburner (Embrocations for Losses Past)
- "Patient" Corpus Delicti (Sarabands)*
- "Nuda Veritas" The Dreamside (Nuda Veritas)
- "Into the Ice" Paralysed Age (Into the Ice)
- "Below Zero" A Spell Inside (Visions From the Inside)
- "Room 57" Dream Disciples (Asphyxia)
- "Elite (Vocal Club Mix)" Tankt (Devolution)
- "Futility" Dreadful Shadows (Futility)
- "Pleasure and Pain" Avaritia (Wide Awake)
- "Bitter Waters" Malaise (A World of Broken Images)
- "Trials and Crosses" Cuddly Toys (Trials and Crosses)
- "Kaos" Crimes of Passion (Rites of Burial)

* = artist of the month

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