Friday, October 9, 2009

Playlist - 1 December, 1999

- "Gloomy Sunday" by Lydia Lunch (Blair Witch Soundtrack)
- "Labyrinthine" by Die Laughing (New Alternatives Vol.2)
- "Wrecked in Faith" by House of Usher (What Sweet Music Vol.2)
- "Scars Flown Proud" by Faith and the Muse (Evidence of Heaven)
- "Murder of Love" by Theatre of Hate (Best of...Act Two)
- "Qual" by X-Mal Deutschland (Fetisch)
- "Pagan Love Song (live)" by Virgin Prunes (Sons Find Devils)
- "An Eternal Prayer For Death" by Ex-Voto (Dracula Tribute)
- "Blood Countess" by P. Vampire (New Alternatives Vol.4)
- "Isolation" by Fiction 8 (Goth's Paradise Vol.2)
- "The Waking Hour" by Jerusalem Syndrome (Book of Days)
- "Burial of Betrayal" by Tenebrae (Dark Eyed and Starry Vol.2)
- "Innocence" by One (Walk the Mercy Mile)
- "Black Rose" by Absinthe (Dark Eyed and Starry Vol.2)

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