Friday, October 9, 2009

Playlist - 24 November, 1999

- "The Iron Lady" by Diamanda Gala (Malediction and Prayer)
- "Slice of Life" by Atrittion (New Alternatives Vol.4)
- "The Rain Within Her Hands" by Bella Morte (Where Shadows Lie)
- "Down" by Anita Haxsaw (The Unquiet Grave Compilation)
- "Short Train" by Tex and the Horseheads (self-titled LP)
- "Oh Funny Man" by Sex Gang Children (The Whip compilation)
- "Shall I Carry the Budgie Woman?" by Bone Orchard (Gothic Rock 3)
- "Chrysanthemum" by Screams for Tina (Screams for Tina)
- "Like an Animal" by The Glove (Blue Sunshine LP)
- "The Empirical Child" by Carcrash International (Fragments of a Journal in Hell)
- "Darkening Skies" by Eden (Earthbound - Remixes and Rareities)
- "Clairvoyant" by The Seventh Dawn (Dark Eyed and Starry They Were)
- "Garden of Blood" by Strength Through Joy (Salute to Light)
- "I Don't Love You Anymore (acoustic)" by Silke Bischoff (Silke Bischoff)

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