Saturday, October 10, 2009

Playlist - 10 January, 2007

- "deadman's ocean 1" by cradle/grave (saper verde)
- "misere de profundis" by elijah's mantle (psalms from invocations)
- "track 9" by der blutharsch (the pleasures received in pain)
- "garbageman" by the cramps (songs the lord taught us)
- "in my coffin" by cult of the psychic fetus (funeral home sessions)
- "fascination street" by artwork (15 imaginary songs... a tribute to the cure)
- "as they fall" by fake the envy (as they fall)
- "sister teresa" by attrition (the hidden agenda)
- "changing views" by alfa omega (the dark side of electronica)
- "glaubenskrieg" by fliendflug (hirnschlact)
- "under the ice" by negru voda (from liquid steel to...)

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