Saturday, October 10, 2009

Playlist - 3 January, 2007

- "cantara" by stella maris (stella maris)
- "strawberry passion" by chandeen (strawberry passion)
- "eye of the moon" by stone 588 (a cat shaped hole in my heart)
- "testament" by uk decay (a night for celebration)
- "life goes on" by the superheroines (anthology 1982-1985)
- "(alice) in trance" by camp z (awake in the greylight 3)
- "pile on the agony" by gotterdamerung (a body & birthmark)
- "introspections" by butterfly messiah (priestess)
- "society" by sara noxx (society)
- "metal field" by spk (auto da fe)
- "the choke" by skinny puppy (12 inch anthology)
- "ode to the beloved & impaired" by ordo rosarius equilibrio (make love, and war. the wedlock of roses)

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